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Luvboards Sex Boards For Better Sex On Any Bed
A Fun new addition for every couples sex life that helps you last longer on your bed !
Make your bed more fun and exciting than ever when making love !! Our luvboards turn your bed into sex funiture and intensify your connection with your partner like never before !

SEX BOARDS ADD FUN AND EXCITMENT TO EVERYBODYS SEX LIFE ! Luvboards make your bed the the best bed for making love by eliminating the need for pillows, stoping your hands from sinking in the bed , slipping on the sheets and being bent back in uncomfortable positions, Luvboards lift your partner up so you can breath, and best of all align those special body parts so you can enjoy your partner and have a more intense connection than is possible on a mattress alone. Luvboards also eliminate frustrations with your bed.

Luvboards sex boards provide a solid comfortable surface on your bed that keep you level and stop your bed from robbing you of your energy when making love. Luvboards allow you to be much more connected than is possible on a bed alone.

Luvboards empower women by giving her a solid surface to hold on to, push against ,or keep from being pushed into the bed. Luvboards enable women to be much more involved in that special exercise by being able to push back like never before.

Luvboard Sex boards add a fun and exciting new experience to your sex life and make your bed the best bed for sex, your bed can be the best sex furniture with a luvboard.
Without sacrificing a good nights sleep that a soft bed can provide,Get yourself a luvboard and you will stay stronger and last longer our sex boards make your bed the best bed for sex.

Check out our sex board links to get the info you need to pick the right sex board for you they come with a removable washable cover and cost less than most sex devices they last for years and add a fun new experience to your sex life !! A fun new way to make your bed the best sex furniture !!

Yours Truly,

better sex on your bed

All luvboards are made in america and built with high quality squishy non absorbent material for good hygine.

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Angel Heart Sex Board with  washable red cover
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